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At Mydocadvisor, you can find and connect with the best doctors and hospitals for any ailment at the click of a button. You can now make an informed choice by learning about the experience, qualifications, specialisation and achievements of the recommended doctors.  To ensure we recommend only the finest doctors, we select the doctors on the basis of several criteria ranging from their qualifications & experience to peer and patient feedback.

What’s more? You can post your health queries on our Discussion Forum and receive responses from doctors and patients alike, Keep yourself up to date with the latest in healthcare via our e-health magazine – One Life, track Promotions and Events in the healthcare space and you can also ask us to conduct research on your behalf via the Ask Us feature should you not find the information on our portal.

The objective of (MDA) is to Educate and Empower patients with information on only the most reputed doctors/hospitals in India, in each field of medicine with the aim of helping them make a better and more informed choice of the doctor they choose for their ailment.

Patients tend to be heavily dependent on word of mouth or some basic research online to identify good hospitals and doctors for their ailment. We aim to organise their process of decision making by creating a credible standalone option that helps them make more informed choices for themselves.
Our Philosophy
MDA is patient friendly and patient focused healthcare portal that help individuals find and connect with the most appropriate and reputed doctors for their ailments. The portal covers all specialties within medicine, therefore assisting patients with any medical condition. 
MDA does not charge the doctors a  fee for listing or charge a commission per referral to maintain its credibility and trust with the patients. It is an unbiased, independent service that conducts thorough research to identify the recommended doctors and hospitals. 
Additional Features and Products
Discussion Forum: The discussion forum can be use as a platform for you to interact and obtain clarification and answers for all your health queries. The forum is used by patients and doctors alike, hence you can expect to receive informed responses to your queries. 
Calendar of Events Feature - We capture campaigns, events, CSR initiatives and conferences in the health care industry. Learn about these events and keep up to date with them on our portal.
Promotions Feature - Any offers or promotions advertised by hospitals, healthcare retailers, pathology labs and other players in the healthcare industry are captured in one single place for the customer's reference and use. This way our customers are kept up to date with new products, features, initiatives and promotions that has the potential to help them.
Health Journal - This is a patient centric journal. Our editorial team works in conjunction with some of the most reputed doctors to educate you on various topics related to health, fitness and much more. You can subscribe to this on our homepage by entering your email address. 
Mobile Application - Individuals will be able to access the same information through applications on their mobile. To be released soon. 
Ask Us - If a patient cannot identify a doctor in a particular field or for a particular issue on our portal, the patient can send us their query and we will research on your behalf to identify a reputed doctor(s). There are no charges associated with this.
Feedback - Our focus is on the customer and we want to ensure that you as a user of this portal benefit in everyway. Therefore, should you not have a good experience with a particular doctor or hospital you can notify us through the feedback option on the recommended hospital's profile. The information will be used for two purposes. We will share this with the hospital/doctor as constructive feedback. Additionally we will use that information in our periodic review of hospitals/doctors to decide upon our future recommendation of the same 
Suggest a DoctorIn our endeavour to serve the community better. We are open to suggestions of doctors/hospitals we haven't already captured. The suggestions will be reviewed by our research team and an appropriate decision will be taken. We would be grateful for your suggestions  
The Team
MDA is Headquartered in Hyderabad, India. The team consists of experienced professionals with a breadth of experience in various sectors ranging from Healthcare, Finance, Journalism and I.T. They have previously worked in some of the most reputed institutions like Goldman Sachs International, Google, IBM, NDTV etc. The team also consists of a set of very reputed and experienced doctors on its advisory panel. These doctors are pioneers in their field of medicine. 

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